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Divided Co-ownership: What Is the Contingency Fund?

As the owner of a divided co-ownership, such as a condo, you must maintain your own personal portion, but you must also maintain the various common portions of the building. But who must pay for the major repairs and the maintenance of the common areas? It is precisely to provide a framework for this collective […]

5 Tips to Choose a Trendy Future Neighbourhood

The popularity of certain neighbourhoods or districts has exploded over the years. From fully renovated existing buildings to greener living spaces, future trendy neighbourhoods have features that are popular with many buyers and increase the value of the properties within them. So here are five tips to help you identify a future trendy neighborhood that […]

To Sell or to Renovate: the Five Factors You Should Consider

Running out of space? Do you want to have a fresh new interior look? Dreaming of more light? If you are starting to feel cramped or need a change, you have two options: sell or renovate. 1. What are your needs? What do you really want? Do you just need a change of scenery? If […]

How to increase the resale value of your home

Many sellers wonder how they can increase the value of their property before reselling it when the time is ripe. We get it, real estate is one of the biggest investments one can make. By reading this article, you will find out some tips and tricks that will significantly increase the value of your property. […]

Pre-Purchase Inspections: What You Should Know

Pre-purchase inspections have always been essential when buying a home. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common that buyers waive this inspection. Often trapped, the buyer has no choice but to accept this demand. If they don’t, the next buyer will not hesitate to accept it. And since competition for properties is fierce, this […]

Drop in Sales Across the Province in February

According to data compiled by the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers ( QPAREB), 8,891 transactions were recorded in the province of Quebec in February 2022, a decrease of 15 per cent. Active listings are down 23 per cent and new listings declined by 5 per cent compared to February 2021. Plexes saw the largest […]