Buying A Multiplex: What You Need To Know

Are you thinking about buying a multiplex? It could be a source of monthly income and a great investment… if you take the time to prepare. Here’s what you need to know before buying a multiplex: Buying a multiplex is different from buying a home. A building that has more than five units is considered a […]

Buyers In The Winter?

Upon meeting with clients, one of the many reoccurring questions realtors come across is “When is it the right time to put our home on the market?” I would say in this hot market – any time is good as any! There used to be a time where seasons played a role, but some of […]

How To Incorporate Pantone’s New Color Of The Year

Living Coral was announced as the “it” color for 2019 – a pink tinted hue with an orange and golden undertone. Pantone releases a color ever year, making it a trend to follow in design and décor concepts. Want to stay on trend and incorporate the color into your home? Here are some wise solutions […]

Spring Cleaning in January

As the decorations come down and as your new calendar marks the days you’re headed back into the office, most people take advantage of those few days in between to do a massive overhaul. While storage spaces turn upside down, we tend to figure “why not clean & organize the rest of the house?”. Our […]

Plan For Your Sale

Deciding to put your home on the market can be a difficult decision to make – or an easier one depending on the circumstances. It could also be the first time diving into the market and becoming a first-time seller. Here is a brief run-down of the essential elements of home selling. Prepare your property […]

Renting Your Home This Season?

It’s no secret that many of us from the province flock South in the winter and enjoy sunnier and warmer days. Some do so for as long as 6 months. Should you plan for a Floridian Christmas and a palm tree escape for the course of the next few weeks or months, it may have […]

Enjoying The Shorter Days of The Year

Waking up lately has seemed a little torturous as we begin the day with dark skies and leave our desks at the end of our day with the same dark hue. The fall and winter months keep us indoors – making it less picturesque than our days outdoors in warmer seasons. With the changing climate […]

Aspects That can be Overlooked When Purchasing

Before taking on new home buyers, I make it a habit to sit down with them and carefully discuss certain aspects, bringing to light key factors that they may have not considered. Along with leaving them a Buyer’s Guide and a game plan to be set in motion, these are some of the main elements […]

Hints On How To List Your Home This Season

The final decision has been made: your house will be hitting the market this upcoming season and you are anticipating no one at your door during the frigid months to follow. In my recent experience, my busiest time has been during the course of the last remaining months of the year, regardless of some major […]

Fall & Winter Moving Tips

No one likes the thought of moving in the crisp cold air of the fall and the snow piled steps of the winter. The notion alone can leave anyone with sheer panic and the overbearing feeling of being overwhelmed. “Where do I even start?” is the first common question. Here are a few tips on […]